Creating Global Citizens in the Classroom ebook

This ebook outlines the benefits and step-by-step strategies for implementing globally focused projects in your classroom. This model can also be used in your local community. This interdisciplinary model encourages inquiry and solutions-based learning among students. The goal of the program is to make students aware of our global interconnectedness and to foster respect of difference among cultures. 
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Global Education Planning Tools & Lesson Plans

The workbook offers educators (from elementary to higher education): tools to map out projects, activities to jump start into projects, and sample lessons. Nobis Project will continually add more lesson examples and we encourage YOU to share your successes with us


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Nobis Global Action Service-Learning Model

Nobis Project provides training in the Nobis Global Action Model. This innovative creative process approach to service-learning is designed to teach youth the six dimensions of civic engagement: values, knowledge, skills, efficacy, commitment, and empathy. It guides K-12 students to comprehend current affairs and to devise ways to respond to local, national or global issues through a solutions-based model. Students critically analyze issues that impact our society and take action in a meaningful way.


Nobis Big Ideas

The Nobis Global Action Model is most successful when the facilitators of the model are proficient in the five concepts, or Nobis Big Ideas, that provide a conceptual framework for thinking about global issues and building them into the service-learning project. These concepts, history, power, relationships, global citizenship and cultural responsiveness, inform classroom activities so that the experiences and knowledge of the community partner are understood through an authentic global lens. 


Image Courtesy of Imke Lass