Building Global Connections:
Examining Power, Privilege, Gender and Race in a Global Context

July 16-21, 2019

Cabarete, a small, Caribbean beach village is on the northern shore of the Dominican Republic (DR). Cabarete is home to two distinct and interdependent cultures. Cabaret’s breathtaking beaches attract a plethora of international visitors and kitesurfing enthusiasts year-round.  And yet Cabarete is also home to a community of over 8,000 Dominican and Haitian men, women, and children who live in extreme poverty.  These families struggle daily with hunger, lack of adequate health care, and inadequate education.  Nobis World participants will work with the Mariposa Center for Girls, an organization that seeks to help fill in the educational gap by offering a supplemental education program to local Dominican and Haitian girls.

By choosing to participate in this Nobis World program, you are ensuring a unique and life-changing experience. You will have access to a side of the community not seen by the traditional tourist.  You will see, hear, touch, smell, and feel things that you have never known before.  You will leave having established relationships with Cabarete community members and organizations that will continue to deepen and grow once you return to your classroom. Receive a professional development certificate for training in creating a culturally responsive classroom, and using the Nobis Global Action Model to guide students to complete culturally focused service-learning projects.

Program Includes
  • Cultural Immersion with excursions exploring history, agriculture, ecology, family life, and education in the Dominican Republic.
  • Service-Learning with the Mariposa DR Foundation whose work centers on the education, health and welfare of Dominican and Haitian immigrant families living in poverty.
  • Professional Development
    • An elearning component prior to travel with short readings, videos, and reflective assignments to prepare teachers before travel.
    • Hands-on action planning and social action workshops.
    • Ongoing community of support from Nobis Project and the cohort as teachers lead and document global projects in their classrooms using the Nobis Global Action Model and the Nobis Big Ideas.
    • Professional development certificate available.

Cost    $1,875
This comprehensive fee includes: shared accommodations, all meals, beverages (excluding alcoholic), excursions, activity fees, gratuities, and professional development training. Your only additional costs are airfare, emergency medical and evacuation insurance (approximately $40), passport / visa fees, and any spending money you want to bring to purchase snacks or gifts while traveling.

Scholarships up to 35% are available first come, first served.
Discounts for early reigstration and groups are available.

Registration Deadline

April 1, 2019
Space is limited, apply today!


Trip Highlights*
  • Visit the Mariposa Girls Summer Leadership Program and interact with young Dominican and Haitian women. 
  • Immerse yourself in Dominican culture and improve your Spanish language skills.
  • Savor a true Dominican meal with a Dominican family at their own kitchen table.
  • Work directly with the education staff and learn about their struggles and successes.
  • Experience a variety of cultural excursions including: Cabarete community visits and tour chocolate farm and countryside community. 

Draft Itinerary*

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What Past Participants Have to Say

“I could not envision the amount of knowledge, dialogue, friendships that developed in 8 days. We were lucky to have a group of educators passionate about their craft. Thank you for providing a safe, valuable, space to learn, grow, and explore.”

“I feel so thankful to be a part of learning through Nobis and to have gotten a chance to service at Mariposa and look forward to continuing the connection.”

“I learned about the power of partnership. About identifying needs directly and building relationships before trying to help and solve.”

“I feel so fortunate to have had this experience with Nobis and the Mariposa Foundation. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll be able to attend a Nobis program elsewhere in the world?!”

“We ignited so many valuable conversations. I rediscovered the importance of putting action-minded folks in the same room.”

“I feel enthusiastic about returning to work with a new model for delivering a service-learning project to my students.”

“I made amazing networking connections and rediscovered my love of teaching and connecting with colleagues.”

“I rediscovered an excitement and anticipatory feeling for the school year ahead and future possibilities.” 

“Christen and Alex facilitated excellent conversation during reflection time and organized a highly impactful trip for me that will most definitely influence my teaching and possible career path. Thank you!”

“I had no idea how much this experience would impact me! I feel more equipped to participate in and/or lead service projects. I learned a lot from all the participants and was inspired by them, and hope to connect with them in the future.”

“I rediscovered my desire to serve in communities in the US and abroad as well as my passion for connecting with people of all ages and hearing their stories.”

“There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie, learning, communicating, and sense of accomplishment in responding to what our community partner needed.”

“Material was presented clearly, repeatedly, and practically. Christen is excellent at answering all questions with patience and examples; meeting participants where they are.”

“I learned to listen better and understand varying perspectives and cultures as a prerequisite in communication.”

“I learned to always push myself further in my thinking … to ask who has the power and why ... to ask questions of the organization/person I am working with in order to better understand what they need.” 

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* Intinerary subject to change

“I’m beginning to wonder if I can ever travel again without it being a service-learning program!” – Bonnie Jackson, 3rd Grade Lead Teacher, Caedom School, New York, NY