Nobis Project at NAIS in Boston
FEB 27 2015
Add a global dimension to service learning and enable deep classroom discourse about race, class, and power by using the Nobis Global Action Model. This innovative design thinking approach guides students to comprehend and devise ways to respond to global issues through the use of technology. This model focuses on students’ learning using media, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork – all with a global perspective.
Presented ByChristen Clougherty, Nobis Project, Inc. (GA); Will Nisbet, Maret School (DC); Natania Kremer, Brooklyn Friends School (NY)

Explore How can I be more culturally responsive in my teaching about global issues? How can we as a school (teachers, administration, students, parents, board) foster conversations around such issues as global citizenship, race, equity, and human rights? How can I use design thinking and technology to engage students in addressing global challenges?

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