What is the cost of services?

The cost of services (workshops, seminars, presentations, etc.) varies depending on the size of group and the length of the session. We can tailor our services to fit the specific needs and budget of your organization. For pricing and other information, please email us at or call 912.403.4113.

What is the cost of customized services?
The cost of customized services varies depending on the size of group and the number of training days. We can work with you and your organization to create a workshop that fits your specific needs and budget. For pricing and other information, please email us at or call us at 912.403.4113.
What is Global Citizenship Education?
Educative activities that build international awareness of policy and culture and are directly concerned with teaching the principles and skills needed to promote social justice, social rights and responsibilities and an understanding of our shared fate.
What is Service-Learning?
Service-Learning is a teaching method where students use knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to identify, research and address real community challenges.
What is Civic Engagement?
Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of community concern.
What is Sustainable Development?
Maintaining the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
What is Global Sustainability?
Taking into account the global needs of the present while considering the global needs of the future. Specific areas include climate change, consumption, environment, health, peace and conflict, population, and poverty.
How do I apply for a job?
See our job listings on our Careers page. To apply for a position, e-mail your resume and a brief cover letter, including salary requirements, to Or you can send your information to:
Human Resources
Nobis Project
PO Box 9304
Savannah, GA 31412
Where did the name Nobis Project originate?
Nobis is a Latin word, as found in the song, “Dona Nobis Pacem,” which translates to “Give Us Peace”. The “Us” Project, or an organization that works for and by “Us”. As the Nobis Projects grows and claims its identity, it belongs to every class, teacher, student and community from all walks of life. Together, through our actions, our name will come to stand for everything we believe in.
How will the Nobis Project be different next year?
Each year, the Nobis Project will add more workshop offerings, new website features and more. These will be decided with the input of participating teachers, students and all stakeholders - so please submit any and all ideas and thoughts. Constructive criticism is always a chance to grow and we definitely don’t think we have all the answers. Please feel free to email any suggestions on how we can improve upon what we’re doing. The goal is to, year by year, grow a stronger network of educators, schools and community leaders doing wonderful things in their own community and linking our efforts to be even more effective in the causes we care about and helping our young people and communities develop to their fullest potential. As we grow, we can tackle projects that are beyond just single events and curriculum. On the local levels, schools might join forces to get a river cleaned up, even if it takes years, or tackle another issue those schools or communities feel strongly about.


Image Courtesy of Imke Lass