Building Globally Relevant &
Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Nobis Project Inc. is a non-profit educational organization.We are committed to providing educators with the tools, knowledge and confidence to engage their students in social-justice thinking as well as globally focused, service-learning projects.

We collaborate with and support educators in providing young people with an education that prepares them to become Informed, Compassionate, Active, Responsible and Exemplary global citizens, both at home and abroad.

Nobis Project offers educators and schools professional development training, curriculum development workshops, and global service-learning programs for educators. Our focus areas include cultural responsiveness, social justice, global citizenship, service-learning, and civic engagement.

We Believe

Our schools need to rekindle the connection between education and citizenry, ethics and empathy. Yet we find that educators struggle to have critical conversations about equity, inclusion, diversity, and global justice in the classroom. Educators need to not only know about the local, national, and global communities in which they live and work, but also how to prepare themselves for this vital, yet difficult, work. Nobis Project bringing educators together and guides them through the critical self-reflection that is necessary for better preparing to work with their students.



Photo Credit: Imke Lass